The jam range

For anyone considering buying some jam from the Woman Next Door over the coming months, here is the full jam range along with associated ingredients. Each flavour has a corresponding coloured ribbon so you can identify it easily and also recognise the flavours of the mini jars, which don't have flavour labels. I will be trading at a number of local markets over the coming months so look out on Facebook for dates and locations. If you can't make it along to one of the markets then you can order directly through the contact page on this site or through Facebook or Twitter. I give away a free newsletter with each purchase, which also details the ingredients of all my products and how to order. Please note that some flavours are not available all year round but each one is equally as delicious as the next! 

 Strawberry & Prosecco

 Ribbon colour: Red

Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, Prosecco & butter.

Apple & ginger

Ribbon colour: Pale yellow

Ingredients: Bramley apples, sugar, water, lemon & ginger.


 Ribbon colour: Burgundy

Ingredients: Raspberries & sugar.

Rhubarb & vanilla

 Ribbon colour: Ivory

Ingredients: Rhubarb, sugar, vanilla & lemon.

Beautiful blackcurrant  

 Ribbon colour: Purple

Ingredients: Blackcurrants & sugar.

The full jam range. 

The full jam range.