15th December: A useful Christmas list

Not one for sending up the chimney to the man in the red suit but possibly more helpful. Here's a list I've drawn-up for all the non-food essentials I want to have to-hand over Christmas. It's easy to overlook these as so much focus is placed on the food and gifts.

Whilst the reality is that shops will be open again very soon after Christmas Day I like to keep to a self-imposed tradition of avoiding them for as long as possible. For me Christmas is a time for rest, re-energising and reflection: proper hibernation. I love stocking-up the cupboards and seeing how long we can last before I have to get back into the regular grocery shopping trips.


Bin liners

Kitchen roll

Washing-up liquid

Washing powder & softener

Dishwasher tablets

Ice cubes

Kitchen foil

Cling film

Freezer bags

Paper plates/napkins/Cocktail sticks/crackers

Fuel & light

Fuel (coal/peat/wood/gas/oil)



Replacement light bulbs




Painkillers/vitamins/other medication




Toilet roll


Radio Times/TV Times (family tradition)

The list isn't exhaustive but hopefully covers a lot of the things you don't want to run out of. 

Door 15 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Door 15 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Non-food shopping list. 

Non-food shopping list.