21st December: I'm dreaming of a dry Christmas

People choose not to drink alcohol for many different reasons and in some way over the years I have sadly seen it almost frowned upon in certain settings, especially at Christmas time. Whilst we hear today of the increased number of drink-fuelled hospital admittances I know that in my own life I am witnessing more and more people drinking less or hardly at all. It is a fact that you do not need to drink alcohol to have a good time and certainly should not be made to feel like the party-pooper for not doing so. Frankly it's nobody else's business and not for them to comment on why or why not somebody chooses to drink alcohol. But my post today is not about the direct discrimination of those not partaking in the hard stuff...

I want to talk about the passive, indirect discrimination that occurs at Christmas parties where our fellow non-drinkers are subjected to drinking grape-juice based sparkling soft drinks and lemonade whilst everyone else swills beautifully fragrant and colourful beverages. Sure it's Christmas for them too! The poor souls!

Cocktail making is great fun and whilst my personal favourites do happen to be the booze-laden ones, I would never want to leave out those who prefer not to indulge.

Here's the simplest non-alcoholic cocktail ever that takes no time at all to assemble but demonstrates that you care for all your guests the same, regardless of their drinking habits. ;-)

Santa's prerogative

Mix equal parts of chilled cranberry juice, apple juice and ginger ale.

Pour over ice and garnish with some berries and maybe a sprig of rosemary.

If you really want to go to town you can dip the rim of the glass in some water then into a saucer of sugar to make it look pretty and give the effect of the fur to Santa's ruby-red suit.


Day 21 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Day 21 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Santa's prerogative. 

Santa's prerogative.