4th December: Children's candle craft

This is a really simple make and one that young children can do with little assistance from an adult. I made them over thirty years ago when I was at Playgroup and I recently made them again with my son's school friends at a lovely Christmas craft event.

You will need

A toilet roll

Christmas wrapping paper cut into 19 x 15cm rectangles

Orange card

Cotton wool



A black pen

A pencil



Cover the back of the wrapping paper with glue then position the toilet roll widthways on the paper. Roll the toilet roll up in the wrapping paper and ensure that the paper is stuck securely.

Fold the paper over at both ends and tuck tightly inside the toilet roll to give a neatly covered tube.

Draw a flame on the orange card and cut out. Use the black pen to make a wick on the flame then secure inside the tube with Sellotape. 

Finish the candle by placing some cotton wool in the top of the tube.

Door 4 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Door 4 of the Woman Next Door's advent calendar. 

Toilet roll candles. 

Toilet roll candles.