Lunch with a protein punch

If you're looking for a starch-light high protein lunch then this comes highly recommended. 

Its my own take on a Waldorf that's slightly better for you. 


Half a pot of cottage cheese

1 chicken breast

2 handfuls of black grapes  

1 handful cashews

Fresh basil



Chop the chicken into small pieces, halve the grapes and combine in a bowl with the cottage cheese and some seasoning. 

Add the nuts and sprinkle over some torn basil leaves. 

I served mine with a warm wholemeal pitta bread and a side salad of rocket, spinach, watercress, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, dressed with lemon and chilli extra virgin olive oil. Delicious! 

You can swap the grapes for apple, orange or pineapple and use any nuts you like. 

Cottage cheese, chicken & black grape salad. 

Cottage cheese, chicken & black grape salad.