Asian-spiced beef

A really quick and tasty dish I created this week. Takes moments to make so it's a great midweek meal. I tend to work with what I have in the cupboard and don't measure ingredients out specifically so the method below is quite rough and ready.


2 good quality sirloin steaks cut into strips

Coconut oil for frying

Half a pack of green beans

1/3 pack of kale

4 scallions

Dark soy sauce

Garam masala


Garlic granules

My Secret Kitchen Thai green curry spice mix  

Dessicated coconut

Basmati rice to serve


Brown the beef strips in the coconut oil then remove from the pan leaving the juices behind. 

Throw in the scallions, kale and green beans and strifry in the juices. 

Add a good splash of soy, a good sprinkling of the dried herbs and spices and cook for a few moments until the vegetables start to soften slightly.

Add the beef back to the pan. Stir together, add a generous sprinkling of dessicated coconut and cook for a further minute or two.

Serve in bowls on top of freshly boiled basmati rice. 

Asian-spiced beef. 

Asian-spiced beef.