Sweet potato rosti with smashed avocado salsa & Glenballyeamon poached eggs

Serves 2


For the rosti

1 large sweet potato, peeled & grated

1 Glenballyeamon egg, beaten

1 tsp turmeric

0.5 tsp cumin

Seasoning to taste

Local rapeseed oil for frying

For the salsa

1 avocado

1 fresh lime

1 crushed garlic clove or 1 tsp garlic purée

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 scallion, finely sliced

4 cherry tomatoes, chopped small

Seasoning to taste

Glenballyeamon eggs for poaching.


Take the grated sweet potato & remove excess water with clean kitchen towel before mixing thoroughly in a bowl with the other rosti ingredients. Spoon small batches of the mixture into the hot pan & fry on both sides in the oil until brown & crispy. This will take 10-15 minutes on a medium heat.

Meanwhile, mash the avocado with the garlic, chilli flakes, seasoning & a generous squeeze of lime juice then stir in the scallions & tomatoes & set aside. Poach the eggs to your liking in a pan of gently boiling water & drain to remove excess water.

Serve the crispy rosti on a bed of fresh rocket leaves, topped with the avocado salsa & poached egg. Some of my Chilli jam finishes this dish off beautifully but some Sriracha or sweet chilli sauce would work just as well.

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Sweet potato rosti with smashed avocado salsa & Glenballyeamon poached eggs. 



So tasty!