Beating the post-holiday blues

I eat pretty healthily and aim to maximise my nutrition throughout the week, limiting foods with refined sugars and starchy carbohydrates. However, it was holiday time last week and in addition to allowing my body a physical rest from training, I also ate whatever I fancied. It was a full-on break! 😉 But, and it's a big but. How often do we feel guilty after periods like that? "I shouldn't have eaten that" or "I wish I hadn't" are things we've probably all said. This time around I'm refusing to allow myself to feel bad for enjoying the wonderful food that France had to offer and instead am just getting right back on that healthy lifestyle horse. 🐴

A couple of things I did whilst away to make the transition back not so tough:

1) throughout the holiday made sure I was still getting the necessary nutrition, despite the extra sugar & carbs I was eating

2) made some slightly healthier choices on the penultimate day(s). I still had treats but some of my meals were lighter & I took less bread for instance

3) I planned my gym time for when I returned, agreeing with my Coach when I'd be back & not waiting until next week to start

4) I did some gentle exercise while I was away, a couple of short runs in the sun

5) when we got home our first meal was a highly nutritious one. It would've been easy to have a takeaway & continue the holiday vibe

6) I started meal planning for the days ahead.

The break was part of the healthy lifestyle not separate too it. What matters is how quickly I get back on the horse. The French have a brilliant phrase, "everything in moderation, including moderation" and this I think brings some much needed balance. ❤️🇫🇷💪🏻

#Day47 #65DaysOfSummer


Holiday was a huge mix of rest, relaxation, treats, gentle exercise & nutrition.