Spiced damson gin

Making your own fruit-infused liqueur is a great way to start the countdown to Christmas.

Ideally you would want about 6 weeks as a minimum but there is still time to make something delicious. This is my variation on the traditional sloe gin & is made with frozen damsons


500g damsons, defrosted

250g sugar

1l gin

1 star anise

1 cinnamon stick


Add all the ingredients to a sterilised Kilner jar (preferably 1.5l), keeping in a cool, dark place & turning the jar daily to dissolve the sugar.

As there aren’t many weeks left before Christmas now I recommend using frozen fruit as the juice bleeds more quickly into the gin. The week before Christmas strain the mixture & decant into sterilised bottles.

It is a super addition to sparkling wine, can be used to fancy-up cranberry sauce but my personal favourite is a generous glass (neat) with a slab of Christmas cake.