The great big clear-out

All my research on hygge and a recent talk I attended on healthy living have left me with an itch to seriously declutter our home. Perhaps it's also the time of year, with Spring slowly making an appearance? I guess it's quite common about now to want to have a freshen-up and get rid of the stuff we just don't need any longer.

Whilst I mean this quite literally (I am well-known amongst friends and family to hold on to things just in case they become useful in the future) I also realise that this holds some metaphorical meaning for me too.

An advert keeps popping-up on my Facebook feed for an online course entitled 'A year to clear what's holding you back'. Now I'm not suggesting I'm feeling held back as such but I do recognise that I hang on to 'stuff' that doesn't serve me: negative self-talk, guilt from the way I've handled things in the past and worries about the future (many of which aren't based on actual likely events). Without doubt all of these things have shaped me and make up part of me in some way but once the lesson has been learned I definitely need to get better at letting them go, not going over the same ground in my head and moving on. Easier said than done! Still, when I began yoga some years ago it helped me to start this process and I think that this clear-out will help me to continue it on.

As time passes and we get older we can let go of some of the things that were just new to us a number of years ago. Whether it's clothes that don't fit, a clock that doesn't work or an outdated expectation of oneself; if it doesn't bring joy and/or is no longer useful then why not let it go?

I shall be rummaging through my cupboards in the weeks ahead (I'm not going to take a year to do it!) and as I clear things out I'll be reflecting upon what bad habits, unsupportive self-talk and general unnecessary thoughts that are also going to get swept out the door. I'll be posting as I go so watch this space if you feel inspired and please join me if you've also got some dusty corners that are in need of a Spring clean! #TheGreatBigClearout