Croissant eggs royale with avocado

Serves 4

This is a very simple dish to make but it delivers plenty of flavour and makes a real treat for Sunday night tea or perhaps a weekend brunch. It is based on a classic - Eggs Royale but instead of poached eggs I'm using scrambled eggs and instead of muffins I'm using croissants. I would ideally use freshly baked croissants from Ursa Minor Bakehouse but I've had to make do with supermarket ones today. If you aren't keen on smoked salmon then you could go for ham or go vegetarian with some wilted spinach.


6 free range Glenballyeamon eggs (whisked)

Knob of butter

4 large croissants (sliced open)

1 avocado (sliced)

Spinach leaves

Hollandaise sauce (homemade or shop bought)

Cherry tomatoes to serve  


Slice the tomatoes and avocado so they are ready. 

Heat the pan ready for the scrambled eggs. 

Slice the salmon (or ham) ready for the croissants. 

Put the Hollandaise sauce into a pan and heat gently on the hob. Today I am using a fresh shop-bought sauce from Marks & Spencer.

Put some of the spinach leaves, avocado and salmon into the open croissants.

Scramble the eggs with the butter in a pan until they are to your liking. Season. 

Stuff some of the scrambled egg into each of the croissants and top with some of the hollandaise sauce.

Serve with the tomatoes. 


Free range Glenballyeamon eggs scrambled to creamy perfection.


Creamy scrambled egg with Hollandaise sauce, avocado, smoked salmon on croissant.