Fresh food

Day 11 of #65daysofsummer

We all went raspberry picking today in one of the most beautiful gardens I know. The owners kindly invite me to pick fruit in their garden as there is just too much for them to use themselves.

It was a lovely afternoon picking (and eating) the fresh raspberries and I made a couple of batches of jam with them as soon as I got home. I’ll be taking it down to Ursa Minor Bakehouse in Ballycastle tomorrow so look out for it there.

There were plenty for us to have as dessert tonight too. I drizzled mine with delicious Mil  local honey and they were incredible!

So is there somewhere you could go fruit picking? If not, could you plant-up a pot or area in your garden with some fruit or vegetable seeds or plants? Herbs, lettuce and radishes will grow very quickly. What about a trip to a farm shop or green grocer where you can select the produce together and support local growers? Cooking or preparing the produce together is a perfect ending and the fresher the food the less you need to do with it to make something delicious.