Take the train

Day 14 of #65daysofsummer

I am a complete romantic and adore travelling by train. I used to have to do it for work and back then it was far less enjoyable: delays, overcrowding, no air conditioning ... but with the last companies I worked for before leaving London I was either getting on at the terminus or very close to it and/or going against the grain of the majority of commuters. Getting a seat and not being packed-in turned my daily commute into a pretty peaceful and often productive trip.

I’m heading to Dublin today to share a hen-do with my longest-serving friend 😜. It’s a real treat to sit back and let the train take the strain, catching-up on some work and some reading. I love taking the children on the train too. It’s something we do so rarely given where we now live and what our weeks involve. Whether it’s a long or short trip, could you take the train somewhere and even make the journey itself the destination?