Don’t watch from the sidelines

Day 15 of #65daysofsummer

Often we look back at the fun or confidence we had as children with nostalgia and confine it to something we did when we were young. Perhaps we look on as our children try new things and go crazy at parties and think that we can’t do that anymore as we’re older, grown-up and responsible. Well, I don’t believe the saying that you can’t teach a dog new tricks and I certainly don’t think that the children are the only ones who can have the fun.

I’m on a hen-do in Dublin this weekend and today started with kayaking on the Liffey. I’d never been kayaking before and certainly not on a river through a capital city. The weather was amazing and the experience was fantastic. We kayaked in the sunshine for about 2 hours, had a lot of fun learning the techniques and seeing the sights. We definitely earned our lunch too, which we ate al fresco by the dockside.

I probably wouldn’t have tried this without some encouragement and I’m so pleased I got the opportunity.

So the next time you find yourself looking on, join in!