Cocktail party

Day 16 of #65daysofsummer

I made 3 cocktails at a fantastic cocktail making class last night: Cosmopolitan, Whiskey sour and Margarita. It was great fun and each of them were delicious.

It got me thinking about the bottles in the pantry and how I need to get looking through my cocktail books to get some of them used up. I’ll be getting the diary out this week to organise an evening with some friends to get through some of our obscure leftovers.

But cocktail fun doesn’t need to be restricted to adults. The children love mixing paints to see what they can create and they love trying new drinks so I’m going to buy some fruit juices, mixers and garnishes so we can have a mocktail making session together. We often think of making food and baking so coming up with our own drinks recipes will be a nice change.

I’ll take some snaps and get them to name their creations and will follow-up with you all so you can see how we got on.