New skills

Day 6 of #65daysofsummer

It’s always fun to have a go at something new but it can also be pretty daunting. There’s so much research out there on the positive impact of trying new things, both physically and psychologically and the summer holidays are a perfect time to find out first-hand if it’s all true.

Why not find an activity you’ve never tried before? It could be something just for you or your child or it could be an opportunity to learn something new together.

Have you always fancied trying a sport, craft or one of the arts? Would you like to know more about a particular topic or connect with new people?

Today I played badminton for the first time outside of messing about in the garden and the children each tried roller skating, something they had been talking about for a while. It wasn’t easy for any of us but we all had a great time trying and felt good for having given it a go.

What will you try this summer?