Challenge yourself

Day 8 of #65daysofsummer

Today I completed a half Tough Mudder with my husband and cousin’s wife. It was 5 miles and 13 obstacles involving heights, water and mud.

I wouldn’t have signed myself up for it alone and when my cousin’s wife mentioned it I was pretty apprehensive. However, after a little bit of thought and some encouragement from my husband I decided to go for it.

There were lots of things about it I knew I would find hard but the great things I’d heard about the Tough Mudder experience made me think it was worth a try.

Now that I’m sitting with my feet up in front of the TV I’m delighted that I allowed myself to be convinced and am really proud of my efforts. The atmosphere was fantastic and the event so really well run. All participants help each other round and offer support when things get tricky - a really great ethos.

Is there something that you could do to challenge yourself this summer? Something that would push you out of your comfort zone or make you face a fear or something you often chose to avoid? It doesn’t need to be sport-related and it could be something you do with a friend, relative or child.