Meal prepping

Day 45 of #65daysofsummer

Whilst I wasn’t the one competing yesterday (we went to cheer on my husband at a CrossFit competition) I still made sure I was eating well. I don’t meal prep every week but when I do I often wish I did it more.

This is leftover taco mince, wholemeal rice, leaves, tomatoes, sour cream and lime. It was really tasty and worked well cold. Often small amounts of leftovers get thrown out but I hope this shows how those small amounts can end up making something really nutritious, saving you time and money st the same time.

When I can, if I’m not focusing on solely prepping ahead I try to make a few portions more than what I need for that day so I can pack-up a few lunches and/or dinners for the following days. The lidded trays with compartments are brilliant. They can go in the dishwasher and microwave, can be stacked and fit well in the fridge too so very practical.

They make for a very easy picnic option too. All you need to do is remember the cutlery!