Day 53 of #65daysofsummer

We’re taking a few days out visiting family in Donegal and so last night we spent some time looking at maps of the area. I love maps and am hoping that I pass that interest onto our children. Some of the ones we looked at last night were also in Irish, which meant that we could try to work on our understanding of the language too. I’ve a very long way to go but seeing a language in a practical sense has always helped me start piecing bits of knowledge together and this was no different.

Do you have any maps you could look over with the children? It could be of anywhere in the world. They offer lots to talk about, a practical skill to learn in terms of reading a map and can jog the memory for stories. Making a map is also a nice rainy day activity or perhaps drawing a map to some treasure hidden in the garden could be a fun way to spend an afternoon?