Environmental awareness

Day 54 of #65daysofsummer

As much as possible I try to instil a sense of responsibility in our children when it comes to caring for our environment. As a family I am sure we could do much, much more but I recognise we’re on a journey and are gradually getting better at it.

We make sure we don’t waste water or energy through heating or cooking, recycle as much as we can, make some informed choices when shopping, use reusable flasks and bottles, and grow plants and flowers in our garden that help support the local ecosystems, to name just a few of our simple efforts.

Something that has become a big thing for me is litter-picking, especially at the beach. I think I have posted before about us ensuring we collect some rubbish each time we visit the beach. This week we have been holidaying in Donegal and my approach was no different. I want to post this picture as it really hits home that rubbish discarded in one place does not just litter that spot. It travels and can cause all sorts of harm in places you might not have ever considered. This carton was on Dumhaigh beach and is very likely to have travelled all the way from Spain.

Whilst it’s possible to look at rubbish in the street, field or beach and think how bad it is that someone left it or allowed it to get there I now feel as guilty as the original perpetrator walking by it. Whether I like it or not I believe once I’ve encountered a piece of rubbish it’s mine to dispose of else I’m the one littering.

If everyone took this approach every day can you imagine the impact on our global community? Passing this onto our children is hugely important to me and so we make it our mission each time we head to the coast.