Blackberry picking & quick compote

Day 55 of #65daysofsummer

We were lucky enough to be surrounded by blackberry bushes in Donegal last week so couldn’t resist picking some to bring back to the cottage. That said, they didn’t all quite make it back of course. 😉

I made some flourless pancakes that night with a pot of cottage cheese, a cup or so of oats and four free range eggs. We had our smoothie maker with us so blitzed the batter up in that.

The blackberries made a delicious compote. They bubbled away on the hob until softened with a little honey and some vanilla.

Glenisk organic whole milk yoghurt and some local honeycomb from Glenties finished the job nicely.


William spotting a good one. 


Blackberry compote bubbling away. 


Flourless pancakes. 


Blackberry & vanilla compote.