Breakfast in bed

Day 58 of #65daysofsummer

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been off over the Summer with the children there’s only one week left before the weekends regain their usual status. For us they’re mostly a mishmash of relaxing, hobbies and getting jobs done that we didn’t get sorted during the week.

With some interesting changes afoot for our family weekends are going to feel VERY different for us in the coming weeks and will really take some getting used to. With this in mind we had a very lazy day: late breakfast, late bath, caught-up on a little work but the rest of the time we just hung out at home playing games and watching television together.

Attempting some self care and reminding myself that I am a human being not a human doing is just as important as getting stuff done. 😊 I hope this rubs-off on the children too.