Auld Lammas Fair

Day 59 of #65daysofsummer

Well it was that time of year again when our family makes its annual walking pilgrimage to the Auld Lammas Fair. It’s in our town so not really that impressive a walk but a tradition nonetheless.

We’ve lived in Ballycastle for nine years this year and we’ve visited the fair most of those years, sometimes taking visiting family members too. Whilst there are bits of the fair that people complain about it’s a great opportunity to meet up with people, have some fun on the rides and sideshows, find some bargains and eat some tasty food. Understandably the children love it. The rides. The games. The prizes. The candy floss. 

I have also come to love it but for a very different reason. With each year that has passed I realise how the fair has been a real indicator of how much more integrated in the community we are here. Each year we bump into more people and know more faces and it’s a truly lovely feeling. It took us an age to walk the length of the street for catching-up with lots of friends (much to the children’s displeasure at times when they were keen to reach the funfair) but it really was the most enjoyable part of it for me.

There is no doubt I love having our town back to normal again afterwards but the atmosphere of the fair is hard to beat.