​#AperoClub Hen do

Day 63 of #65daysofsummer

I was so pleased to be asked if I’d host a hen-do. They can be tricky things to organise when so many different people are coming together with different likes and interests. It’s a special event for any bride-to-be and I felt honoured to be responsible for some of the celebrations for the lady in question.

As with all my #AperoClub nights there’s lots of preparation involved. The success of the night in fact is entirely down to me being well-prepared so once the night itself comes along, for me most of the hard work is done and out of the way.

If you’re not familiar with my #AperoClub it’s based on the French tradition of Apero, a pre-dinner social occasion involving some appetite-whetting drinks and snacks. I make some dishes ahead of the evening and then the group prepares some more on the night before tucking-in and enjoying our own homemade apero. It’s a unique experience and I’m really loving developing it further.

Last night was a little different to the norm in so far as it was only my second bespoke party that I have hosted but also it was to be an “apero dinatoire” whereby it was the meal itself, not just a pre-meal bite. With that in mind we had a larger selection of items on the menu including some sweet treats to finish-off the meal.

The ladies were brilliant. Everyone threw themselves into the tasks and made some excellent dishes. It was really fun hosting the hen-do and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

If you’re considering a bespoke event they are available at lunchtimes as well as in the evenings. I cater for all tastes and preferences. There will be details coming soon of my open event that will make-up part of this year’s Restaurant Week in November so watch this space!


A gift for the hen. 


Flowers & candles. 


Time to eat! 


Orange chocolate pots.