End of Summer quick trifle

Day 61 of #65daysofsummer

Trifle is not one of the most complicated puds to make and this one is perhaps even simpler. We made this on Wednesday as a goodbye dessert for family members who were jetting-off on their hols.


2 packs of trifle finger sponges

2 generous shots of sweet sherry

1 small bag of frozen berries, defrosted

1 medium carton of custard

1 pot of whipping cream


Arrange the sponges in a large bowl and drench with the sherry. You might want to add a bit more sherry depending on how you’re feeling at this stage in the Summer holiday 😉.

Tip in the defrosted berries.

Top with the custard.

Chill in the fridge until the custard has firmed-up.

Whip the cream to your liking. I would go for softly whipped so it holds its shape but spreads easily on top of the custard.

Top the trifle with the cream and serve.