Summer’s end

Day 65 of #65daysofsummer

Whether you embraced the start of July with open arms or just held your breath and endured Summer’s sweaty hug at the end of term - we’ve made it through!

Pat yourself on the back. Raise your glass. Give yourself a high five. It’s done! And what a 65 days it’s been, with a lot of very warm weather too, which has been such a treat.

I’m going to take a moment with our family to look back over my last 64 posts to remind us all of the things we’ve done not least of all because I want our children to have something interesting at the front of their minds when asked on their first day back at school what they did on their holidays. Left to their own devices they’ll probably say “watch TV and went to the gym with Mum”. The recency effect is alive and well in our house! 😂

Anyway, as you can probably imagine writing a daily blog over the Summer can be tough-going. You might have noticed over the last couple of weeks I have been silent for a few days and then posted a flurry all at once by way of catching-up. It’s quite a commitment and one I enjoy but life does sometimes get in the way and I’ve needed to let that happen.

My posts have just been wee snapshots of things we’ve done or places we’ve visited and often don’t capture a full day or even sometimes a full hour of life. They might be positive and show us in a good light but it’s only a very small part of the picture and life has had its ups and downs for sure over this last two months. However, I’m an optimist and positivity is everything in my world so my not-always-daily posts give me a mini opportunity to put some positive vibes out there regardless of what life throws at us.

With the return to school tomorrow a new chapter begins for us all and it will be exciting to see what’s around the corner.

Thank you for following #65daysofsummer

Enjoy your Autumn! 🧡🍁🍂