Day 1: Summer project

I have had a tendency in the past to make a lot of plans, to sign us up for things that end up being a struggle to juggle and often find myself lacking in time to do things that I really want to do.

This year I have booked the children into just a few activities, have arranged some much-needed friend and family time and have only some work commitments in the diary. Outside of that I’m keeping things open and we’ll just go with the flow (and the weather, of course!)

But what I am scheduling each day is something just for me that I can work on over the course of July and August. Perhaps you’d like to join me?

Summer holidays often end up being about making sure everyone else is having a good time or just basically trying to get yourself to the end of it without people falling-out or losing one’s sanity. What if we saw the weeks ahead as an opportunity to get better at something? Learn a new skill? Read more books? Find out about a topic that interests us? Deal with some emotions that have been holding us back? It really could be anything.

This summer I am going to commit fifteen minutes a day to learning some Arabic. I started a few months ago and then got out of the habit of doing it regularly. A short burst each day will help me keep on top of it and will accumulate me approximately 16.5 hours of learning over the holidays. Given that the time is going to pass anyway I think it will be time extremely well-spent.

There have been a lot of studies conducted on the positive impact of adult learning on health and wellbeing, not least its effects on self-confidence, self-esteem and happiness. So why not give it a try? There’s nothing to lose, really!

Having a small summer project can help boost our self-esteem.

Having a small summer project can help boost our self-esteem.