Day 2: Vitamin Sea

It is said that Hippocrates was the first to use the term “Thalassotherapy” when describing the healing properties of sea water. We read so much now about the many benefits of sea swimming to the skin, circulation, immune system and general wellbeing, to name just a few. 

The power of the sea is pretty inimitable. It’s strength and persistence offer resolve in the face of difficulties, it’s cool water (in Northern Ireland anyway 😉) refresh and invigorate and its beauty distracts, allows reflection and reminds us of our roots in nature. 

Salt water really feels like a physical and emotional cure-all to me.

So whether you’re a swimmer or a paddler, a beach-chiller or a walker, a rock-pooler or a stone-skimmer, getting down by the sea can be a wonderful act of self-care. 

If you’re keen to have an extra reason to get down there, in Ballycastle we have a group of likeminded souls who get in for a dip as often as they can. Let me know if you’d like to join Swimrise. I can add you to the WhatsApp group so you can join the movement. The sense of community on top of the sea water benefits makes it all the more restorative.

And if you’re not in the area, why not set-up a group of your own in your local stretch of water? You might be surprised at how many people want to join you! 

A slightly warmer sea than what I’m used to!

A slightly warmer sea than what I’m used to!