Day 12: Everything in moderation

There’s a beautiful quote by Oscar Wilde that I really love: “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

There is no doubt that moderating our excesses helps to keep us on an even keel. Too much of anything can create problems for us, even if they are seemingly positive things. 

So whilst my daily posts are about positive steps to improve small areas of our lives, let’s also recognise that sticking two fingers up to the wholesome choices is sometimes what’s got to be done. Allowing ourselves to take the foot off the gas, to eat the indulgent food, to binge watch some trashy television, to not go to the event we were supposed to or to not do whatever the socially-expected thing is, IS ALL OK. 

To me, self care is about tuning-in to the things that our bodies and souls need at any given time. What matters is that we don’t slide into a funk of harmful habits or allow a stream of unhealthy choices to mask what’s really going on for us and inhibit us in dealing with it.

I might be writing about all these things but do I do all of them every single day? Of course I don’t - I’m a human being! However, I try to do many of them more times than not and for some just doing them a few times is more important and productive than never doing them at all. 

Starting something steadily with good intention and a realistic, positive attitude is more likely to foster an enduring good habit than if we race head-on into an idealistic “new me” campaign. Cutting ourselves some slack, not aiming for perfection and getting back on the horse afterwards, rather than thinking all is lost is the key to making lasting changes.

Found this on Facebook & thought it summed it up well. 🤣

Found this on Facebook & thought it summed it up well. 🤣