Day 14: A morning routine

Something I’ve noticed about myself in recent years is my tendency to start the day with social media. Depending on what I find I can end up in some unnecessary Instagram rabbit hole before I’ve even put my feet on the carpet.

It can have its upsides but generally speaking, when I do that the start of my day ends up being led or dictated by someone other than me.

What’s more, there are increasing reports on how the light from screens impacts our health and the effects of social media on the brain in a number of studies seem to be less than positive. That said, I’ll not be stopping using social media but I certainly seek to manage how I use it throughout daily life. The key thing for me is that I know I don’t need it at the very beginning of my day.

For the last couple of months I have made three changes to my morning routine. They are small and simple but they have had a really positive effect on me.

1. As soon as I wake up I drink a small glass of water, so I reach for the glass now rather than my phone. Having spent several hours asleep the water starts the rehydration process and as I can be prone to forgetting to drink water during the day this gets me off to a good start. Remember that every single process in our bodies requires water in some way!

2. I then set the timer on my watch for 7 minutes and perform a short restorative yoga session in bed. I move slowly and hold the postures for around 30 seconds each. I am working on my hip flexibility at the moment so this is the focus for me just now.

3. Only after these things do I check my phone for notifications, emails and news updates only. No scrolling and looking at unnecessary stuff before getting up and getting on with my day!

I believe that if I start positively and with the right mood and intention, whatever happens during the day I’ve already accomplished something. That in itself is motivating.

With this in mind, do you think there’s anything about your morning routine that could be tweaked for the better? However long you have in the morning you can make the time work for you. Even setting the alarm for 5 or 10 minutes earlier than usual can give you a boost and make you feel differently about your day.

Reach for the 💧  rather than the 📱 .

Reach for the 💧  rather than the 📱 .