Day 17: Phone a friend

Today, why not make contact with someone you’ve not been in touch with for a while? Perhaps you’re due a catch-up and life has been hectic for you both lately? Perhaps it’s a elderly relative who would love to hear your news? Perhaps it’s someone you can share a problem with? Perhaps it’s someone you always end up laughing with?

You know what you need to do for you and how you’re feeling just now and quite possibly that person has popped into your head just as you’ve read this. 

Reaching out to those we care about and who care for us strengthens bonds that help us feel secure and connected. With the busyness of life we can often neglect relationships that mean a lot to us. It is impossible to keep on top of everything. So don’t read this and feel guilty, see it as a wee reminder to put some time aside for a catch-up that fits you and your schedule. 

We can’t see everyone face to face but why not pick-up a good old fashioned postcard or two (it is summer after all!) and let your loved ones know you’ve been thinking of them? Who doesn’t love receiving post from friends?

Take some time to pen a note to a friend or family member. 

Take some time to pen a note to a friend or family member.