Day 18: What’s in a scent?

Smells are so powerful. They can transport us through time and space in a moment and evoke such strong emotions.

The aroma of freshly prepared foods and drinks whets the appetite and plays a huge role in our eating experience. The smell of food that is deteriorating can set alarm bells ringing to protect us from making a bad choice that could affect our health.

There are some common favourites such as freshly ground coffee, roses, sea air and cut grass. I particularly love the smell of seaweed on the beach, the scent of peonies in the garden, rosemary cooking with the Sunday lunch and sandalwood in my oil diffuser. These aromas relax me and boost my mood but many great smells invigorate, excite or help us recall memories.

I use essential oils around the house and this oil diffuser has become a well-loved piece of equipment. It’s also got a soft light, which adds to the sense of calm and relaxation as the sun goes down.

What are your favourite scents and why? How can you get a fix to boost your mood in some way?

Soft light on my oil diffuser. 💛

Soft light on my oil diffuser. 💛