Day 4: A sink with no plug

I came across this description of our bodies in relation to storing water whilst studying for my nutrition qualification.

The body can and does store a number of different nutrients but in general, water is not one of them. The phrase “use it or lose it” is actually quite fitting. It plays a vital role in so many functions of our body and because we can’t store it we can’t go for long without it. If we exercise, are unwell or the weather is warm we require more fluid to compensate for extra water loss.

Thankfully the majority of the food we eat contains water, for instance some fruits and vegetables can be around 90% water but the advice is that we should be keeping on top of a daily fluid intake via drinks too. However you go about deciding what your daily fluid intake is remember that whilst fresh, clean, unadulterated water will always be considered the best choice, all fluids count towards this. So tea, coffee, milks, fruit juices and squashes all count. Fizzy drinks and energy drinks do count too but are often loaded with sugars, caffeine and other additives which all bring with them other considerations.

So how can we make sure we’re staying well-hydrated whilst keeping things simple and interesting? Here are a few tips that might help:

💧Drink little & often & not just when you realise you’re super-thirsty - maybe even set a regular reminder on your phone if you’re prone to forgetting 

💧Carry a water bottle with you when you’re going to be out & about to prevent you getting stuck without a drink

💧Remember that caffeine is a diuretic so if you’re struggling to keep hydrated reducing the amount of caffeinated drinks you consume could help

💧Make up a jug at the start of the day that sits out on the counter so it’s quick & easy to grab a glass of something

💧Add fruits, vegetables or herbs of choice along with ice to fancy-up tap water

💧Ice cubes made with berries or herb leaves inside look pretty & add to the flavour of the water too

💧Make ice lollies with fresh juice & fruit 

💧You can even blitz-up some lemon & ginger in a juicer & add it to water for a fresh & nutritious squash

There are so many ways to get fluid in during the day. Write to let me know your suggestions. Happy drinking!

Fresh grapefruit, rosemary & ice with sparkling water.

Fresh grapefruit, rosemary & ice with sparkling water.