Day 6: Deep Calm

I’ve received lots of comments and messages on the book I recommended yesterday so I thought I’d share a tech recommendation with you today for those of you interested in building some more peace and stillness into your day. In keeping with the theme of mindfulness I want to tell you about my meditation experience with the Calm app.

Before I start I want to point out that this isn’t an advert for Calm and I haven’t been paid to blog about it.  My review is entirely based on my positive experience and I’m keen for others to discover it too.

I first found out about it last year. It had been popping-up on my Instagram feed for some time. The adverts looked good and eventually I clicked to see if it lived-up to expectations.

Needless to say my 1 week’s free trial turned into full membership and I’ve not stopped telling people about it since. 

So why do I like it so much?

First of all, with the app I now don’t need to think too hard about working meditation into my life - there’s a daily meditation waiting for me each morning that I can choose to use if I’d like to.

If the topic of the day doesn’t suit or I’d like to do some extra work there is a catalogue of themed meditations that cover all sorts of subjects, from stress and anxiety to focus and dealing with different emotions. If I’m going through something specific or need help with a particular area it’s a great source of support.

Sometimes guided meditations aren’t exactly what I need or it’s more a relaxing background noise that I’m searching for. The Music section of the app has chilled music created especially for it, nature sounds and soundscapes to suit all moods. You can even have a crackling fire or a powerful waterfall playing away on your phone. 

The sleep tab is literally a dream too 😉. It’s packed-full of gentle music, lullabies and bedtime stories for grown-ups (some of which are narrated by celebrities for some additional fun and sparkle) so there’s always something soothing to choose from, regardless of how I’m feeling.

Last of all there is also a section dedicated to children. With music and meditations aimed at youngsters of different ages it can be something that a whole family can benefit from. 

In all of this I do recognise a slight irony of a meditation phone app helping us with issues that may well have been exacerbated by the phone itself in the first place. But as a tool, prompt and source of brilliant information and support it is a truly great asset. 

Meditate tab of the Calm app.

Meditate tab of the Calm app.