Day 7: Joining up the dots

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are right under our noses but it’s not always obvious. It is possible that some niggles that aren’t bad enough for us to seek medical assistance could well be improved or alleviated by looking at our diet, relationship with food and associated routines and habits.

I am very keen to see how I can make adjustments to my lifestyle to improve how I feel and how my body works. There’ll be things I can’t do but if I can assist my body and mind in some small way with some good choices I am making the most of the control I do possess.

If you have a niggle or two and are wondering if you might be able to heal yourself, a simple food log could be the beginning of joining-up some dots for you.

The food log I have drawn-up below is really easy to use. Take a sheet per day or create your own using the headings referenced.

Every time you eat or drink jot down:

✏️what it is & a rough quantity (either in weight or size or cups),

🗺where you are when you consume it, 

😋how hungry you felt before & your mood after consuming it on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not at all hungry/negative or low mood & 10 being ravenous/really positive or happy),

📝any other information you think is relevant i.e. date in your cycle/associated symptoms for women, symptoms of those niggles we talked about earlier or any significant happenings in your life e.g. stressful events or injury/illness.

After a week or two you will have a source of really useful information. By looking at the times and places you usually eat, how food makes you feel and the actual food choices themselves you could well open the lid on the source of some of those niggles and at the very least might open your eyes to some habits that could be worth stopping or some potential deficiencies in your diet that you may need to work on.