Day 9: Embrace the mundane

A lot of people have commented on the view from the window in our kitchen. Funnily enough it’s often the same thing that they say: “I bet you don’t mind washing-up with a view like that”. I love the view all year round and do spend time just looking out but the truth is we have a dishwasher and so whilst there are a few things that can’t go in it, in reality I don’t spend a lot of time at the sink looking at the view. 

However, we’ve just spent the last ten weeks away staying in a place without a dishwasher and with much less crockery and cutlery. I have actually really enjoyed having less things and going back to washing-up the traditional way, regularly after each meal. 

I recently read that the path to contentment isn’t to get rid of the jobs you’d rather not do but to find a pleasure and a purpose within them. I am going to get back to washing-up at the sink and enjoying the view whilst I’m at it! There’s also the added bonus of using less electricity so there’s an environmental benefit too.

What daily chores do you have on your list that with a bit of tweaking or a fresh perspective you could turn into more enjoyable activities?

A sink with a view. 😊

A sink with a view. 😊