Day 10: A healthy snack

We should not underestimate the impact of the small things we do for ourselves each day. Often we don’t even think about them, especially if they are part of a daily routine and we have done them repeatedly over time. 

Making oneself a cup of tea or coffee is actually an act of self care but one that frequently gets swallowed-up by busy-ness, routine and/or habit. If we slow it down and put aside ample time to enjoy the process of making and drinking it, all of a sudden having a cuppa has become a little bit of me-time and an opportunity to nurture oneself. 

Taking the cup of tea one step further, why not prepare a healthy snack?

So many snacks we find in shops are sugar-rich, nutrition-poor so organising a treat that fills us, nourishes us and tastes great can leave us feeling really good about ourselves. 

It doesn’t need to be gourmet - some favourite fruits and a herbal tea are fantastic: lots of antioxidants, vitamins, fluid and calming herbs. Done! Drop me a line if you’d like some snack-spiration! 😆😋

Heath & Heather echinacea tea & plenty of fruit. ❤️

Heath & Heather echinacea tea & plenty of fruit. ❤️