Day 11: Flowers for that special someone

I think flowers are a wonderful gift to receive and I reckon I’m not alone given that there are approximately 15,000 floristry businesses in the UK, according to the British Florist Association!

Flowers as gifts can convey such strong sentiments. Their beauty, scent, shape and size can paint so many different meanings and different varieties will hold special memories for each person.

We often buy flowers for others but how often do we treat ourselves to them? Perhaps a supermarket bunch if we happen to see them now and then?

Today, why don’t you treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers and think about what you might want to say to yourself in the process. What do you wish for yourself? What do you thank yourself for? What can you celebrate about yourself?

If your budget allows then head to a florist. If it doesn’t then pick something nice from the supermarket next time. Or (my personal favourite) hand pick a posy from the garden. I like the variety and clash of colours I get and there’s no budget required too! 😉 

The picture below is a gorgeous arrangement my mother-in-law made with flowers from our garden on the weekend. ❤️

My mother-in-law’s beautiful arrangement with garden flowers.

My mother-in-law’s beautiful arrangement with garden flowers.