Day 36: Small actions, big results

There are countless ways that we can make a difference to the state of our environment on both a local and global level.

It’s easy to think that we shouldn’t bother because what impact could little old us possibly have? However, some small acts performed by one person can have many positive repercussions not only by virtue of what they are but by setting a good example to friends, family and other generations, and becoming a springboard for future green activities. 

There has been a lot in the press about how unless we make enormous full scale changes that we’re not going to make enough of a difference but the following quote from Anne Marie Bonneau and the Zero Waste Chef gives me a little hope: “we don’t need a handful of people doing it perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.“

This restores my faith. I do believe that doing our bit will make a difference. For instance, purchasing patterns will communicate messages to big businesses and in turn could change how they make decisions about produce, products and packaging.

Just choosing a few products that have less packaging compared to our usual choices will immediately mean that there’s less plastic in the local area, less in landfill, less in binbags to be ripped apart in the street for the wind to blow rubbish away into natural habitats.

So outside of considering how we buy food, especially fruit and vegetables, what other small things can we do to make a difference? Why not consider investing in some of the following?

Washable & refillable coffee cups

Washable & refillable water cups & bottles

Reusable cutlery & straws for lunches on-the-go

Fold-away shopping bags

Mini refillable bottles for toiletries or soap bars.

I find I often have the intention but forget to take the item with me so devising a system or a reminder is going to be an action of mine. I’m going to put a note on the door or by the coat hooks to help me to remember to pack things for when I’m out and about. Keeping shopping bags in the car and a fold-away one in my bag so they’re always accessible could be a simple action that makes all the difference.

Growing your own can make a difference.

Growing your own can make a difference.