Day 37: (Late) Mid-summer check-in

So we’re well over half-way through the school summer holidays here and the same goes for the #summerofselfcare How is it going? Are you managing to carve out some time for yourself? Have you made any small changes or tried something new that has felt beneficial?

Writing this blog is as much about my own self care as it is about seeking to share ideas. I believe that establishing a dialogue about caring for ourselves can be powerful and can be enough to start a positive movement of support and understanding.

I don’t sit here thinking I’ve got it all together and that everyone should be doing what I do. I like exploring different things and when I find things that work for me I want to talk about them. I don’t believe that doing all the things I post about is the answer to self care but I think that offering up suggestions and points for consideration can support others in establishing what self care means for them.

Some topics go deep, take for instance saying no, forgiveness and liberating ourselves from old thinking. Some are lighter touch, such as improving our snack choices, making more time to pamper ourselves or heading to bed earlier. Each area will have a different significance for each of us at different times in our lives. I am aiming to cover the breadth of this awesome topic by the end of the summer but will undoubtedly not catch everything.

I am hugely grateful to those of you who have taken time to comment and share and get in touch with me on the topics I’ve covered so far. It is a pleasure to interact with you and it’s a boost for me to know that people are engaging with my content and finding it helpful. Please get in touch if there are any areas you’d like me to include before the summer’s out. But in the meantime have a check back over the summer so far and consider what you’ve done for you and how it’s made you feel. Is there anything you still want to work on and what will you do over the next couple of weeks and beyond to keep self care at the heart of what you do?

Self care: Are you getting what you need?

Self care: Are you getting what you need?