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The Woman Next Door

Bringing together the love of homemade and homegrown with conscience, community and health.

For me, making and growing things at home have always been such rewarding activities. There is something incredibly straight-forward and wholesome about 'homemade' that it just feels good to me. The effort that I put into making something, the local and/or seasonal ingredients that I use, the meditative effects of focusing-in on it's production and the opportunity to express myself through the creativity are all extremely satisfying.

I believe that there is so much to be gained from making and growing our own that I want to spread the word and inspire others to do the same. Whether it's cooking, growing, crafting or simply being smarter with what we have; it can save us money, open our eyes to new experiences, feed the soul and help us play a bigger role in our community. The latter being especially true when we do it whilst supporting local businesses and using seasonal produce.

As The Woman Next Door I want to demonstrate that anybody can do these things. I speak from personal experience. I want to get across that simple, small efforts can have a huge impact on our lives. This site offers simple, cost-effective ideas that can be easily replicated.

Whilst this is primarily a blog, some of the products that I make can be purchased. I trade at Naturally North Coast & Glens Market and also make to order. Send me a message via the Contact Page to find out more.

I hope the site inspires you to get creative and encourage others to do the same!